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Motto: Ephesians 4:3, "Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

National Women's Board
Sisters Agatha Priester, Shanda Johnson, Janie Davis, Carrie Watson, Rosa Willingham, Gail Jenkins
 Sisters Katie McMillian, Sister Liller Hamilton, Callie Gavin, Laura Ashe, First Lady Edna Smith, Wendy Beard

National Women's Board
Sister Liller Hamilton, President
Sister Janie Davis, Vice-President
Sister Gail Jenkins, Secretary
Sister Carrie Watson, Assistant Secretary
Sister Laura Ashe, Former National President
Sister Katie McMillian, Former National President
Sister Callie Gavin, Former National President
Sister Wendy Beard
Sister Shanda Johnson
Sister Agatha Priester
Sister Rosa Willingham
Board of Bishops Advisor: Bishop Theodore Jenkins

Past National Women's Presidents
Sister Bessie Williams, 1944 - 1959
Sister Helen Washington, 1959 - 1964
Sister Martha T. Johnson, 1964 - 1996
Sister Laura Ashe, 1996 - 2002
Sister Katie McMillian, 2002 - 2006
Sister Callie Gavin, 2006 - 2011


Scenes from the 2008
National Women's Department Empowerment Day


In Honor of 
Sister Laura Ashe, National Advisor

National Women's Secretary (1959 - 1964)
National Women's Vice-President (1964 - 1996)
National Women's President  (1996 - 2002)

In Memory of
Former National Women's Officers

Bessie F. Williams
(1900 - 1999)
National President

Helen L. Washington
(1919 - 1964)
National President

Martha T. Johnson
(1925 - 1996)
National President

Mary L. Collins
(1933 - 1994)
National Officer

Barbara Radical
(1917 - 2006)
National Officer

Ella Rose Williams
(1947 - 2009)
National Officer

Scenes from Past 
Women's Conventions 

women1.gif (52710 bytes)

1996 - National Women's Choir singing

 2001 Women's Convention

2001 - National Women's Choir singing

2001 - National Women's Convention
National Women's Officers


women3.gif (41992 bytes)

1996 Women's Convention
(L -  R)
Sister Katie McMillan, National President;
the late Sister Bessie Williams, Mother of the
Progressive Church; and Sister Laura Ashe,
Former National President

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