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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Scenes from the past ...

 Early 1950's
Children's Choir Singing 
(young Bishop-Elect J. D. Williams, Jr. standing in front)

Early 1950's
Senior Choir of Columbia, SC

Mid 1950's
Sunday Morning Service - Columbia, SC

Mid 1950's
Sunday Morning Service - Columbia, SC

Mid 1950's
Bishop Williams receiving a gift from Sister Maggie Praileau

Mid 1960's
The Jackson Family Singing

Mid 1950's - Male Singing Group
Minister Joe Rutherford, Minister Edward Smith
Minister Willie Richardson, Brother Raymond Thompson

Mid 1950's - Progressive Harmonettes
Sister Lessie Augustus, Minister Joe Rutherford,
Sister Martha Johnson, Sister Mary Brown,
 Sister Laura Ashe, Brother John Scott - pianist

Mid 1950's
Elder Calvin Jackson preaching

Mid 1950's
Bishop Williams along with the ministers of the church

Mid 1950's
Sister Helen Washington (former National President)
standing making remarks at a National Women's Service with 
Sister Laura Ashe as National Secretary

Early 1950's
Senior Choir of Columbia, SC during Sunday Morning Service
Sister Martha Johnson leading a song

Late 1950's
Bishop Williams and Sister Helen Washington standing on the 
foundation of the church at 2222 Barhamville Road

Mid 1950's
Bishop Williams preaching during Sunday Morning Service at the church located at 2217 Waverly Street in Columbia, SC

Mid 1950's
Elder Joel G. Washington and Sister Helen Washington
at the church on Waverly Street

Mid 1950's
Minister Edward Smith, Sister Edna Smith
and sons William and David

Early 1960's
Bishop Williams during Sunday Morning Worship Service

Early 1960's
Bishop J.D. Williams, Elder Edward Smith, 
and Minister J.R. Fredrick enjoying the service

Early 1960's (L-R)
Elder Malon Pollock, Elder Herman Jackson, 
Bishop J.D. Williams and Elder Joel G. Washington at the 
Dedication Service for the church in Denmark, SC

Progressive Harmonettes - April 1964
Sister Mary Hammond, Sister Blondell McCloud,
Sister Mary Brown, Sister Laura Ashe, Sister Ruby Brown
Sister Corine Morris, Sister Martha Johnson (leading)

Early 1960's
Minister Robert Mingo and other saints praising
the Lord during the service

Early 1960's
Elders of the Church at one of the Annual Holy Convocations
(L - R) 
Elder Henry J. Breakfield, Elder Joel G. Washington, Bishop J.D. Williams, Elder Edward Smith, Elder Herman Jackson

Late 1950's - Sister Ashe and the Harmonizing Five
(L - R)
Sister Laura Ashe, Sister Mary Smith, Sister Christine Etheridge, Sister Patricia Scott, Sister Margie Jackson,
 Sister Katherine Wheeler

Early 1960's
National Women's Service

Early 1960's
Minister J.D. Williams playing the piano

Early 1960's
Saints Rejoicing during the service

Early 1960's - Columbia, SC
Sunday Morning Worship Service - Choir singing and
Elder Malon Pollock and Elder Edward Smith 
sitting in the pulpit

Early 1960's
National Women's Service

Ministerial Body presenting Bishop J.D. Williams 
with an anniversary plaque

National Women's Auxiliary Officers - 1964
(L - R)
Sister Martha Johnson (National President), Sister Willie Mae Patton (Assistant Secretary), Sister Janie Gilmore (Secretary), Sister Laura Ashe (National Vice-President), Sister Mary Smith (Member)

Late 1960's
Young brothers of the Columbia church 

Early 1960's
Elder Joel G. Washington preaching during a 
5th Sunday National Women's Service as 
Elder Henry J. Breakfield, Bishop J.D. Williams, 
and Elder Edward Smith look on

Mid 1960's - Sunday School
Brother Timothy Johnson, Brother Thomas J. Smith,
Brother Theodore Jenkins, Brother Rudolph Davis

Mid 1960's - Future Women's Auxiliary Singing

April 8, 1962
Bishop Williams making remarks at the Dedication Service for the new Headquarters Church in Columbia, South Carolina 
as Bishop Hubert J. Spencer looks on

April 8, 1962
Sister Helen L. Washington directing the 
Senior Choir during the Dedication Service as
Bishop Spencer, Elder Edward Smith
 and Elder Herman Jackson sitting in the pulit

April 8, 1962
Choir marching in for Dedication Service singing
the hymn "God of Our Fathers"

April 8, 1962
Elder Joel G. Washington conducting the Dedication Service
with Elder Malon Pollock, Bishop Hubert Spencer 
and Elder Edward Smith looking on

April 8, 1962
Bishop Hubert J. Spencer, Presiding Bishop of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, delivering the Dedication Message for the new Headquarters Church in Columbia, SC

Early 1960's
The Progressive Harmonettes

The Travelairs
Joshua Dykes, Thomas Douglas,
 Sherman Dykes, Willie Richardson

Early 1960's
National Women's Service - Sister Martha T. Johnson 
standing at the table giving remarks

Early 1960's
The late Bishop J.D. Williams preaching during
a Sunday Morning Service in Columbia, SC

January - 1966
Funeral Service of the late Bishop J.D. Williams

January - 1966
Brothers of the Church stand by the casket of Bishop Williams

January - 1966
The body of Bishop J.D. Williams lying
 in state at Funeral Service

Early 1960's
National Women's Service

Early 1960's
Saints enjoying the service

Early 1960's
Sister Helen L. Washington directing the choir

Late 1970's (L-R)
Bishop Edward Smith, Minister Sherman Dykes, 
Elder Theodore Jenkins, Minister Thomas J. Smith,
Elder Joseph Rosier, Minister Willie Richardson

Early 1970's
Senior Choir of Columbia, SC during Sunday Morning Service
Sister Martha Johnson leading a song

Late 1970's (L-R)
Minister Thomas J. Smith, Minister David S. Johnson
Bishop Edward Smith, Elder Joseph D. Williams,
Minister Wender R. Gavin

National Women's Auxiliary - Late 1970's
Standing (L-R): Sister Mary L. Collins, Sister Mary Hammonds
Sister Martha T. Johnson (President), Sister Edna Smith, 
Sister Laura Ashe (Vice-President
Seated (L-R): Sister Carrie Brown, Sister Bessie Williams

Early 1980's
Bishop Edward Smith, Elder Wender Gavin and 
Presiding Bishop Joel G. Washington in Tallahassee, FL

Founder's Day Celebration 2001 - Columbia, SC
Remaining Charter Members from the first 
Progressive Church in Taylors (1944 - 1952)

(Left to Right)
Back Row: Brother Melvin Brown, Elder Heyward Anderson,
                     Bishop Edward Smith
Middle Row: Sister Patricia Scott, Sister Helen Johnson
                         Sister Martha Anderson, Sister Mary Brown
                         Sister Edna Smith
Front Row: Sister Laura Ashe, Sister Ida Payne,
                      Sister Betty Flemming
(Missing from photo: Deacon Harrison Johnson)

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