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National Departments and Department Heads

 Board of Bishops BoardofBishops@sc.rr.com  Presiding Bishop Edward Smith, Chair
 Board of Presbytery BoardofPresbytery@sc.rr.com District Elder Woodrow Willingham, Chair
 Brotherhood Department NationalBrotherhood@sc.rr.com

Deacon Solomon Amusan, Chair
Bishop Lang Priester, Advisor

 Education Department NationalEducation@sc.rr.com Elder Henry Watson, Chair
Bishop Paul C. Johnson, Advisor
 Ministerial Body BoardofBishops@sc.rr.com Presiding Bishop Edward Smith
 Ministers Wives' Guild NationalWomen@sc.rr.com Sister Callie Gavin, President
 Music Department NationalMusic@sc.rr.com Elder William E. Smith, Minister of Music
Bishop David S. Johnson, Advisor
 National Treasurer ProgressiveChurchhq@sc.rr.com Deacon Robert Dwight
 National Secretary ProgressiveChurchhq@sc.rr.com Minister Ronald T. Scott
 Presiding Bishop BishopESmith@sc.rr.com Bishop Edward Smith
 Women's Department NationalWomen@sc.rr.com Sister Liller Hamilton, President
Bishop Theodore Jenkins, Advisor
 Youth Department  NationalYouth@sc.rr.com Brother Ferdinand Hamilton, President
Bishop J. D. Williams, Advisor


Department Quarterly Report Forms
  Brotherhood Department
  Women's Department
  Youth Department

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