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The Board of Bishops of the
Progressive Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.

Board of Bishops
Bishop Edward Smith, Presiding Bishop (seated middle)

Bishop J. D. Williams, Jr., Interim Asst. Presiding Bishop
(standing middle)
District IV Overseer and National Youth Department Advisor

Bishop Paul Johnson, Board Secretary (standing right)
District V Overseer and National Education Department Advisor

Bishop Theodore Jenkins (seated left)
District I Overseer and National Women's Department Advisor

Bishop David S. Johnson (seated right)
District II Overseer and National Music Department Advisor

Bishop Lang Priester (standing left)
District III Overseer and National Brotherhood Department Advisor



The Board of Bishops
The Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ is governed by the Board of Bishops. The Board of Bishops governs the organization in both spiritual and secular matters. The Board is responsible for setting forth biblical teachings and doctrines in accordance with the Scriptures. The members of the Board of Bishops retain their positions on the board for life.

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